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Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Answers

Here you will find all the levels and walkthroughs that are part of the Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy. There are a total of 20 levels. Use the search above.

She wants some chips but can't reach up there.

Level 1

Use her love of chips to make her run.

Level 2

Don't let her use the elevator.

Level 3

Help her ascend the stairs.

Level 4

Her feet are terrible after all that climbing help her.

Level 5

She is looking for an easy way to burn calories.

Level 6

She wants to start doing exercises but doesn't know how.

Level 7

Let's begin with the treadmill.

Level 8

She must stretch her body with pilates.

Level 9

She must get rid of unhealthy foods in the kitchen.

Level 10

Some outdoor exercises will be great.

Level 11

She is walking so slow make her run!

Level 12

They are so good that it breaks her spirit. Find a solution.

Level 13

She must follow her trainer's guidance.

Level 14

She needs some more encouragement.

Level 15

She must maintain her balance.

Level 16

We must find a way to make her dislike ice cream.

Level 17

She mustn't get to sleep before doing some exercises.

Level 18

She has become quite fit. Now let's build some muscles.

Level 19

She has worked hard and established a healthy lifestyle. Time for a reward.

Level 20