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Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Answers

Here you will find all the levels and walkthroughs that are part of the Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure. There are a total of 26 levels. Use the search above.

This is Tom try to get friendly with him.

Level 1

He is looking for something to eat.

Level 2

It is not fair! Tom wants some fish too!

Level 3

Tom wants the biggest rope ball.

Level 4

Tom's owner is angry that the mouse walks around freely in the house.

Level 5

The mouse is hungry get him some cheese.

Level 6

They must escape from the house.

Level 7

They need to cross this alley but these dogs are dangerous.

Level 8

He is very tired but they must be on their way!

Level 9

Tom has fallen in love in first sight help him win her heart.

Level 10

They need a disguise to get on a plane.

Level 11

The plane must go through a dangerous turbulence!

Level 12

Make this flight a bit more comfortable for them.

Level 13

They took a wrong flight! They must jump down while they pass above Africa.

Level 14

A monkey got Mick catch him!

Level 15

Tom must catch this naughty monkey.

Level 16

How can they pass this hot desert?

Level 17

They are so hungry and that cub is enjoying a juicy meat there!

Level 18

Those lions are angry for the cub incident they must hide.

Level 19

The lions are chasing and they must get across!

Level 20

These wolves are working for the king too!

Level 21

Help them escape!

Level 22

They need to find an ally.

Level 23

Watch out! Snakes can smell their fear!

Level 24

Those bananas were delicious the gorilla decided to fight for you.

Level 25

Here is the King! They must defeat him.

Level 26