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Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Answers

Here you will find all the levels and walkthroughs that are part of the Brain Test 2 Prison Escape. There are a total of 20 levels. Use the search above.

Andy was falsely accused and put in prison. Now they take his mugshots

Level 1

Andy must find a way to protect himself in this tough environment

Level 2

Let's play basketball to get popular

Level 3

Andy needs some friends to plan his escape

Level 4

Andy needs to get that chisel

Level 5

Andy must dig a hole with the chisel

Level 6

Andy must find a way to hide the chisel

Level 7

Dig a tunnel to escape

Level 8

Andy must unlock that door

Level 9

His first attempt was a fail. He must pass this checkpoint to start his new plan

Level 10

Andy needs that screwdriver

Level 11

There's a hidden panel which Andy can open with the screwdriver

Level 12

Andy must move through the air pipes

Level 13

That door can be opened with those switches

Level 14

Andy must release his two friends

Level 15

They must find a way to get to the door above

Level 16

They must find a way to avoid those guards

Level 17

They must pass through that door

Level 18

They must find a way to stop the chasing guards while Morgan work on opening the exit door

Level 19

They must reach to the forest

Level 20