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Brain Test 2 Monster Hunter Joe Answers

Here you will find all the levels and walkthroughs that are part of the Brain Test 2 Monster Hunter Joe. There are a total of 21 levels. Use the search above.

The city is under attack by monsters! Joe must wake up.

Level 1

One of them is a vampire in disguise. How to find him?

Level 2

Where is the vampire?

Level 3

Doh! The vampire is hiding again!

Level 4

Hunt down the vampire!

Level 5

Zombies are attacking!

Level 6

He ran out of bolts. Save him!

Level 7

It is his last bolt. Try to defeat them in 1 shot.

Level 8

He must drive home to replenish his ammo.

Level 9

Professor Big Brains found a cure. Use it to stop the horde.

Level 10

Now what?! A giant spider!

Level 11

Joe must get up there to save that woman.

Level 12

Save the woman!

Level 13

Defeat the werewolf.

Level 14

A mummy attacks at Joe!

Level 15

Shoot the monsters.

Level 16

What a day! Now he must face a troll!

Level 17

More enemies are approaching.

Level 18

So many skeletons Joe is in trouble.

Level 19

Joe caught a monster and he must learn who is their leader.

Level 20

There it is! Joe must defeat the Dark Lord to stop all monsters.

Level 21