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Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe - Part 1 Answers

Here you will find all the levels and walkthroughs that are part of the Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe - Part 1. There are a total of 40 levels. Use the search above.

Looks like Smith is enjoying his vacation but something smells fishy.

Level 1

Smith must catch that man.

Level 2

Smith must interrogate this man.

Level 3

This is Eddie's tropical mansion Smith must drop down there.

Level 4

Smith must eliminate these guards.

Level 5

Smith must pass through these roofs.

Level 6

Smith is inside but someone's coming hide quickly!

Level 7

Smith thinks that there is something hidden in this room.

Level 8

Eddie and Dracula are together! And they caught Joe!

Level 9

Eddie is escaping with a helicopter!

Level 10

Find a way to stop Eddie.

Level 11

Joe must go and help Smith but he can't swim!

Level 12

They must find a way to stop that shark.

Level 13

This ruckus attracted another sea predator!

Level 14

They must find a way to get to the land.

Level 15

Smith must get into Dracula's nightclub to uncover his plans.

Level 16

Smith must move unnoticed.

Level 17

Joe must divert the vampires to give Smith some time.

Level 18

Smith found Dracula but he must find a way to look into his laptop.

Level 19

Smith must hack into Dracula's laptop.

Level 20

Dracula managed to escape from the toilet!

Level 21

More vampires are attacking at Joe.

Level 22

Smith learned everything about Eddie's plans. And he must escape from the club.

Level 23

Smith is falling down help him!

Level 24

They must drive to the old factory to stop Eddie.

Level 25

They ran out of gas! Find a way to stop these bats.

Level 26

They must take a train to get to the factory.

Level 27

They must get rid of these vampires.

Level 28

Dracula flew fast and caught them!

Level 29

They must find a way to get into the factory without raising an alarm.

Level 30

Joe fell down! Smith must stop this thug alone.

Level 31

Help Joe fall down safely.

Level 32

These are the zombies Joe has thrown down the sewers. They want revenge.

Level 33

So much for stealthy approach Smith must fight them!

Level 34

Joe must reach to the sewer exit up there.

Level 35

Joe must reach to Smith.

Level 36

This mad guy has a bomb!

Level 37

They are chased by a troll!

Level 38

They are surrounded!

Level 39

These energy balls power up the portal they must close it.

Level 40