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Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty Answers

Here you will find all the levels and walkthroughs that are part of the Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty. There are a total of 20 levels. Use the search above.

This is Betty and she wants to go out to fishing today.

Level 1

Her boat is taking water!

Level 2

She fell down from the boat help her!

Level 3

She is drowning help!

Level 4

She got on the land but is she breathing?!

Level 5

That bear looks angry!

Level 6

We must get rid of this bear.

Level 7

The bear is gone time to wake her up.

Level 8

What a way to wake up she must clean her face

Level 9

She is lost and hungry. Give her favorite fruit.

Level 10

She found a road. Time to hitchike a ride.

Level 11

These guys are evil. She must get out of the car.

Level 12

She must escape from these guys.

Level 13

There is a helicopter but they can't hear her.

Level 14

The helicopter crashed on snowy moutains she is freezing!

Level 15

She must wake that Eskimo to get help.

Level 16

This kind Eskimo will take her to the nearest airport.

Level 17

She must get up from there.

Level 18

Get rid of these aliens.

Level 19

She must return to Earth.

Level 20