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Brain Test 2 Agent Smith Answers

Here you will find all the levels and walkthroughs that are part of the Brain Test 2 Agent Smith. There are a total of 20 levels. Use the search above.

Where is Agent Smith

Level 1

He got a package but it looks suspicious

Level 2

Let's investigate the package to get some clues

Level 3

He must drive to no 1792.

Level 4

The house is abandoned! Let's gather some clues.

Level 5

It was a trap! There is a bomb in here!

Level 6

Back to the office let's investigave these objects

Level 7

All clues point toward a man with baldness and a scar on his eye

Level 8

Smith must catch the man

Level 9

Smith found this paper on the man. Decipher it

Level 10

Smith must interrogate the man to find out who Eddie is

Level 11

Smith must infiltrate into Eddie Baddie's mansion to uncover his plans.

Level 12

Smith must find a way to open that laptop

Level 13

Smith must hack the computer to log in.

Level 14

Smith is exposed and he forgot his guns at home.

Level 15

Smith must escape from the mansion.

Level 16

Smith found out that Eddie has planted bombs to a skyscraper's basement. Find them.

Level 17

Eddie is trying to escape with a helicopter. Stop him!

Level 18

Smith must get down to confront Eddie.

Level 19

That's it! The final showdown between Smith and Eddie.

Level 20