Brain Test 2 Answers
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Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Answers

Tom's Adventure

Tom is just a lazy house cat. But his life is going to change when he meets a mouse named Mick. A crazy adventure will take them to Africa, where they will face the King of animals.

Brain Test 2 Emily's Farm Answers

Emily's Farm

Emily has a wonderful farm filled with animals and plants. Join her as she completes tasks to maintain her farm and satisfy her lovely animals.

Brain Test 2 Monster Hunter Joe Answers

Monster Hunter Joe

Joe is a skilled monster hunter. But the upcoming day will be quite tough for him as the Dark Lord will release all of his minions upon the city. Help Joe to defeat monsters in this exciting adventure.

Brain Test 2 The McBrain Family Answers

The McBrain Family

Meet the McBrain Family and spend a day with its colorful family members as they deal with various problems.

Brain Test 2 Naughty Microbes Answers

Naughty Microbes

There are so many microbes around us. We must be careful about them. Play this adventure to learn more.

Brain Test 2 Agent Smith Answers

Agent Smith

Agent Smith is the coolest spy in the world. Join him as he stops an evil scheme and saves the day.

Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty Answers

Bad Luck Betty

Betty is an extraordinarily unlucky girl. She just wants to go fishing, but nothing will go according to her plans. You must keep her safe.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Answers

Prison Escape

Andy is in prison, but he is actually an innocent man. Help him and his two friends to escape from the prison.

Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Answers

Fitness with Cindy

Become Cindy's personal trainer and help her establish a healthy lifestyle with fitness and diet.

Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe - Part 1 Answers

Smith and Joe - Part 1

Eddie Baddie returns and he has a new evil plan. Stop him with Agent Smith and Monster Hunter Joe.